Our way to Help the Environment with Green Programs at St Giles Hotel in Central London

St Giles Hotels in central London and Heathrow have embraced environmental awareness and put in place a few basic green programs and carbon footprint reduction measures, which we feel is our way to contribute towards helping the environment.

Some of these measures and green programs to reduce our carbon footprint include:

  • Decrease printing costs – with the installation of a new Property Management System together with the success of our website; we have managed to significantly cut down the usage of paper and printing of brochures.
  • Recycling of everyday items such as paper, bottles, card and toner cartridge.
  • Encourage all office staff not to print unnecessary documents; instead we have a full scanning ability to allow soft copies to be kept whenever possible.
  • Close monitoring for the usage of water, gas and electricity and encourage all staff members to do the same.
  • Installation of energy pockets for hotel key cards in guest rooms, thus saving on use of electricity when our guest are out.
  • Energy saving lighting (low energy light bulbs) is used where possible.
  • Motion detectors are in place in certain public areas to further save energy.
  • Encourage more energy efficient travel – the hotel has moved from standard company cars to Hybrid cars for business travel allowing fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.
  • Encourage inter-company meetings to be done by conference call; thus minimising travel between properties as much as possible.
  • Encourage our guests to re-use towels upon their request. A notice is placed in all accommodation asking guests to place the towels on the racks if they are happy to re-use them to help the environment.
  • Waste management – the hotel compacts waste thus requiring less waste collection.
  • Encourage cycling – the hotel has provided cycle racks for the use of staff, guests and public alike.
  • Encourage use of public transport to staff and guests.
  • As all of our rooms have showers, this allows and automatically encourages guests to save water as opposed to a bath.
  • Try to order from suppliers with active environmental policies where possible. This includes those which supply detergents and chemicals for cleaning, which are high use products within the hotel environment.

The St Giles Hotels in central London and Heathrow have a dedicated environmental group who get together and discuss new green program initiatives and ways in which we can further help reduce our carbon footprint in the UK. If you have any ideas or tips, we would love to hear from you, therefore please feel free to e-mail us.