Lobby Lounge Specials

The Wembley, Penang’s contemporary yet comfortable Lobby Lounge is the place to wind down with evening cocktails or delightful desserts. The quiet venue is best enjoyed with great company as day turns into night.

Mocktail of the Monthto Match Your Personality at Lobby Lounge

At the Lobby Lounge we are always discovering new ways to shake up the ultimate Mocktail just for you. From a refreshing Caipirinha to sweet and tangy Atomic Cat, our mocktail of the month will keep you quenched.

Lobby Lounge at The Wembley, Penang


Cheese Cake & Coffee/ Tea Promotion at Lobby Lounge

Take pleasure in a calming tea break with a classic Malaysian Afternoon Tea set for two featuring Pisang Goreng, Strawberry Pancake, Banana pancake, and many other pastries in between sips of Ronniefeldt Tea. Teh Tarik or Coffee! Spend your charming afternoon tea with us at the Lobby Lounge.

Afternoon Tea at The Lobby lounge